You DO NOT know what else was added to initial nectar to convert it into the honey. -cerezha
Honey is carbohydrates (sugars) collected, modified and stored by bees. Pollen is a protein source for bees. I've seen bees make honey from honeydew. No pollen was needed in that to make it into honey (I guess if you exclude honeydew honey from your definition of "honey," this line of reasoning becomes meaningless). Therefore, I do not consider pollen to be essential for the production of honey.

Stating that honey is made from "nectar and pollen" implies that pollen is necessary in the modifications of collected sugars to make honey. If you wish to go that level of detail, why not state, "made from nectar, pollen and ash?"

Sure, let's call all American cars just a "car", no brand names, no make etc. -cerezha
I'm sorry. You lost me on this one. Are you agreeing that labeling all undetermined honeys as "wildflower honey" is just as much a failure to label them truthfully as simply labeling them "honey?" Or are you suggesting that all beekeepers be required to submit samples of honey for pollen analysis before selling any so that it can be labeled accurately? Or are you saying that consumers are refusing to buy products only labeled as "honey?"