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Sergey: I think we would all be interested in hearing more about your resume as it relates to what actually constitutes honey and any direct experience you have in handling, processing and packaging honey. My apologies if I am the only one here that has missed your name in the industry publications?
Molecular immunology, Jim, Molecular immunology... I do not care about "industry", it is not my area of interest. I am sorry for that. I just submitted the paper on the structure of the human IgG2, which pays a key role in the human immunity respond AND diseases. This immunoglobulin is used to produce therapeutic drugs and hopefully, my paper will help to design a better therapeutics. Immunoglobulines, which I am studying for 30 years is a key molecule in any allergy.

As I stated many times in many threads, I am not an expert in beekeeping. I am a hobbyist.