I'm looking for some suggestions. I have a hive that I have twice added four pound bags of sugar to by the Mountain Camp method. Even though I tried feeding them with 2:1 syrup last fall, they were reluctant to take it for some reason; it was not rancid nor did it have mold growing in it. Because they are now taking so much sugar, I have decided to add a ten pound bag of sugar to the hive. The problem is it the bees are in the remaining sugar. It is about 25 F outside and I don't want to smoke the bees to chase them down between the top bars so I can add the newspaper and sugar, which might cause the bees to break cluster as the cluster is likely just underneath the sugar wher the bees are feeding. I though about laying the newspaper on top of the remaining sugar and bees, tapping the newspaper above the bees to try to chase most of them down, and then add the sugar. Does this sound like a good idea; any other suggestions.