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    Default Cold weather and Shipping Honey

    I was planning on shipping jars of honey to my friends here in the midwest,. I planned carefully and obtained boxes, bubble wrap, etc. The I realized that it is freezing and the honey would be exposed to extremely cold weather when it is shipped. I have never thought about frozen honey and I wonder if anyone can tell me if these freezing weather conditions would ruin the honey? O rshould I wait until warmer weather?

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    Default Re: Cold weather and Shipping Honey

    Freezing weather is not a reason to avoid shipping honey. You can deliberately freeze honey without a problem, some people even do that to un-extracted combs to be sure any potential pests are dead.
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    Default Re: Cold weather and Shipping Honey

    Freezing honey is actually a good way to slow down crystallization and retain flavor. We have jars that freeze in the honey house all the time in the off weeks we are not extracting and running heat outside the warming room. I would rather store honey frozen than in our hot room but only have enough freezer for our comb honey. Our small town postal person requires us to enclose each bottle in a ziplock bag before boxing and shipping. We have not had too many leakers over the years but if they do the bag is a good back up. We ship everything in plastic bottles to avoid breakage.


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