I plan on agressively splitting within the next month. I have eight hives that are 10 frame double Langstroth Deeps. I plan to pull a several frames from each to make at least 12 more hives. I have 15 queens coming at the end of Feb, and a couple of them might need to go elsewhere so I am hoping to use a minimum of 12.
My delima is having drawn out comb in the honey supers. I have 4 supers that are completely drawn out but I would like to make as many as possible with the spring feeding and build up.

I live in Zone 7A in NC and there is good natural forage and I have 4 acres of crimson clover and one acre of wildflowers planted for the bees.

I know a few people who run single deep HB's all season long, but the old school around here has always been double deeps. I have always ran double deeps. I did notice the hives (including the very large ones) this year all seemed to winter in the top deep with virtually no stores in the bottom deep.

So do you guys think it would be feasible to make the splits and have the new and the old hives all at single deeps just so they dont have as many hive frames to draw out and can concentrate more on super frames?

Would you just worry about expansion and filling the double deeps and not worry so much about honey?

I just did not get a lot of honey last year because I was busy making increases and having them draw out deep frames...Heck I had one hive draw out 36 deep frames and 10 shallows... But I would like to make some honey this year.

Thanks in advance.