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if the caspian took care of AFB do you think they would have you adding in antibiotics.
as you now antibiotics is not efactive on spores ,most honey bees pathogens depend on protein consumption, when pollen or protein consumption start begins jelly production and leads to brood production, spicially on AFB ( PB,larva) , also metabolism diseases such as amoeba and protoza ( nosima) depend on proten,
but the consumption of extera pollen depend on pheromones in caspian solution,
just see the picture in my website with lots jeely for larva 20 to 50 time more then normal leval ,that jeely has over 98% bio cntrol on AFB and 2% antibiotic is for 2% becuse in AFB have to 100%
i habe bactria phage but for 100% bio control but am not suported form north Amrica yet,
caspian solution is 100% efactive on streptococcus P ( EFB),
JUST try product or go to see Mr Brayen he use for 200 AFB hive , and see on youtube when you search AFB and caspian solution.