I have read some of the past topics about using heat in hives. There never seems to be a complete consensus but many advised against it, but what about nucs? Overwintering nucs seem to be a way to achieve a self sustaining apiary, and that's something I am striving for. I have read that Michael Bush has used heat for his nucs. Does anybody else use a heat source for overwintering your nucs? Anybody use heat tape for wintering their nucs? I have been thinking of boxing them in with solid foam insulation (would have to figure out a top entrance situation) and putting heat tape in a structure under a screened bottom board. I found one at menards that heats to 35 f. That seem to be about right.

FYI I have thought about wintering on top of a production hive, but have decided against it.

Also would it be stupid or wise to o this in my garage? I figure that as long as I keep it dark and only briefly turn on the lights to get to the freezer, the bees shouldn't fly much. I would have to bring them out a few times during nice days for cleansing flights, but it would probably be doable.