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    Default Re: definition of "survivor bees"

    @Daniel Y

    Of course it matters. Just like Rick1456 states, vendors are stressing/advertising "survivor bees", so that would infer that there are specific traits linked to this title. I would also think that the fact that leaders in the field of honey bee study and development/breeding are working on the subject would also add credibility to the idea that there is in fact credibility behind the idea of "survivor bees". Daniel Y, because you don't buy into it doesn't really mean anything other than you, one consumer in the world of beekeeping, doesn't buy into this criteria or see any merit. Well, lots of beeks don't agree on simpler things such as queen excluders either. So be it, you don't buy the hype, but that still isn't going to change the fact that bee sellers do, IN FACT sell "survivor bees" and that more sellers are developing better bees which are called "survior". Lastly, even those working on the so-called "survivor bees" stress LOCAL in their research. Survivor in one area isn't going to translate NECESSARILY to another. I think just about every leader in the field also admits that there is no "super bee".

    The whole idea of the thread wasn't to make a final determination of if "survivor bees" is hype or was to determine what is the criteria for what a survivor bee IS. If we can draw or conjure an idea of a unicorn, we can IN FACT do the same with "survivor bees".
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