Hello to all...

For mothers day last year I got my wife a hive. (It's actually mine since I maintain it.) we got about 47 lbs of honey!

Anyway, we just came out of some brutally cold weather, and I was told I should put my top section feeder on in case they went through the full super I left on for them. I mixed 5lbs of sugar to 2 pitchers water on each side of the feeder.

Lots of bees. On warmer days, they clean house and carry out dead.

Anything I can do besides keep the feeder full? When do you swap the first super and the brooder? When do you put your first honey super on? I do not use an excluder.

When should I check in there deeper and what's the first thing to check on? They sure seem healthy. We had a strong hive last year. Good numbers.

Thanks, Tim