Any tips for a hobbyist transitioning to a sideliner bee business???

I would really appreciate any tips ranging from equipment choices, minimizing overhead, increasing proficiency of operation (feeding choices, management), etc. I am still relatively small overwintering about 60 colonies right now, but have been growing steadily, at the minimum doubling annually. So far I have been trying to let the hobby pay for its own growth. I have been realizing that management techniques and equipment choices require optimization to transition to a productive business! I realize this is a broad topic, but any input would be appreciated!

These are the areas of beekeeping I am involved with:

1. Selling nucleus colonies (Any tips on commercially feeding nucs?)

2. Selling some queens (This year I am working on setting up an incubator to house cells, any tips?)

3. Honey production (Any tips on a honey extractor choice for my operation size?)