I've been watching a beehive hanging from a limb, 30 foot up in a live oak tree for some time. The limbs were too small to climb, and it was in a cemetary with grave markers up under it, there was no way to set up scaffolding or bring in a cherry picker. It was a strong looking hive, about the size of a 6 or 7 gallon bucket. You could see the bees clustered inbetween the combs from the ground. It had survived last winter and so far this winter, and I was trying to find a location for a couple of swarm traps nearby. Well, I stopped by this morning to peek in on it after our storm last night, we had 50-60 mph winds and heavy rain, and found the hive broken in pieces on the ground. Most of the bees had crawled up on the comb and were trying to warm themselves in the sun. I scooped up all the pieces with bees on them and put them in a cardboard box. I never did see the queen, but there were several clumps, so I'm hopeful. Most of the comb I picked up in big sheets, biggest approx. 14" X 24". It was full of brood and eggs, but after laying out in the rain in 45 degrees all night, I'm not very confident that they'll survive. There were still lots of bees clustered up on the limb, but as I said before, there's no easy way to get to them. I wish I had remembered to take some pics, but was so shocked to see it on the ground, I started digging to find something to put them in and forgot. I do have this one photo of them clustering on a 25 degree morning. Its sideways, but thats the only one I have. Cemetary hive.jpg