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    Default Re: Mann lake vs dadant frames

    Wbee wrote:
    We didn't have a frame assembly machine at the time - so that had nothing to do with this change.

    But dadant did, correct? With all respect, I still do not see the need for a thicker bottom bar(just added weight). The thinner bar did not cause us any problems the last 100 plus years.

    I do agree that the staple/nail through the end bar into the top bar is very important, and refrain from purchasing any top bars that are not as thick as yours. .

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    Default Re: Mann lake vs dadant frames

    Yes, Dadants had a frame assembler at the time and we asked them whether we would need to keep making the 3/8 bottom bar for that. They agreed the 1/2" bottom bar was a good idea and modified machine to accept them. And as I mentioned - all of our competitors quickly followed suit. We still get customers asking for 3/8" bottom bars, and we can do that, but less wood in the weight bearing bottom bar does stand a better chance of blowing out, and our goal is to continue providing the strongest frame on the market so our customers can spend their hard earn dollars building their operation up vs. replacing current equipment.

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