Last weekend I inserted my IPM boards for a couple of days just to see what trickled down the hives. One of the things I noticed was Wax Moth Pootie. It has slowly grown in amount over the winter. My neighbor and mentor has cautioned me about cracking open the hives and digging around looking for them as we're still not thru with the Winter cold. Right now I'm running a single deep and a single medium as brood boxes...I'll be switching the medium for a deep so I'll have double deep brood boxes as soon as it warms up enough to make the switch. I suppose that will be the time to address the moths as well. So my question is what would be the best way to rid myself of these devils? If I'm lucky they will be residing in the medium...since I'll be using that comb in a super I will just stick them in the freezer first. I'd rather freeze them as opposed to using chemicals.