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    Default Need a Mentor will pay $$

    Hey All,

    I am brand new to beekeeping and looking at it for as a viable option on my ranch. I am located in the lovely East Texas Oak/ Pine belt and my property is surrounded by amazing agriculture land, cow pasture, and the 10k acres of lovely Sabine River bottoms full of water oak pines and muscadine grapes. I am currently in the process of writing a matching grant for the state of texas to kick off my inital 50 hives and there is a section for a mentor.

    Basically, I can draft the letter but I am looking for someone with some great qualifications that can help me along that I list as mentor to get the grant as the applications are scored by points.

    If I recieve the money I can include a consulting fee in the itemized funding section and I will pay out whatever we figure is fair. So everyone wins! If not I could always use a mentor as it never hurts to know someone who is smaller scale commercial or large hobbiest.

    Now before all you guys rip at this post like starving dogs and steak let me tell you I do belong to all the local bee societies, chapters etc. around Dallas so if you are local and part of one of those with some good merits under your belt it will help.

    As to finding someone there many of the folks in the meetings seem to already be part of a commercial org. or just families with the backyard and not interested. Why would they want the local competititon?

    SO if anyone out there would like to help I am open to all the support. Little big everything is welcome.

    I have a carpenter to build everything on site and farm hands that I can have manage bees. Currently I run cows (for profit) and chickens (for fun). So if you are interested or need any help with those or most farm livestock pigs goats sheep I have years of knowledge just waiting and free.

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    Default Re: Need a Mentor will pay $$

    Online or in person?

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    Default Re: Need a Mentor will pay $$

    I learned a lot from YouTube.

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    Default Re: Need a Mentor will pay $$

    Contact Fatbeeman

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