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    Hello All,

    In the next days I am moving to a new apartment with a very nice balcony facing the woods, and I decided to install a few swarms of stingless bees in there, just as a hobby. This is becoming rather common here down.

    We do have a lot of different species of stingless bees in Brazil. There are about 300 species already identified and more yet to be discovered. They are quite diverse, with different sizes, shapes, colors, behavior and honey productivity. Some of them can even produce more honey per bee than the Apis Melifera, and their honey is also more valued in the market. Researching to decide which species to purchase I found there’s a lot of information available about these Brazilian bees in the WWW, but mostly in Portuguese. I found almost nothing in English about them.

    I also found some chats about these bees in foreign forums like this, but most comments showed a very low level of knowledge about such bees. Maybe I can help filling this void, so if anyone is curious, I can bring some info here thus you can learn about them. Just to tease, I would like to post an image of a few of these species below. I’ll be glad to answer any question about these amazing bees, if anyone is interested.

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