Hello, what a wonderful forum, Iím really learning a lot. This is my first year as a beekeeper and I have a couple of questions if you donít mind. I only have one beemax hive body for a 3# package we bought last April.

Iím not sure how much honey they have so I started giving them some 2:1 sugar syrup a few weeks ago. They were going thru a qt a day but theyíve really slowed now, maybe 3/4 of a qt in 4 days now. Should I keep giving the syrup to them as long as theyíre taking it?
When should I start giving them 1:1 sugar?

I bought a medium super to add to it but Iím not sure when the best time to do that. Iíve also read that 2 hives would be better, so I wonder if I should try to start another hive instead or just wait until next year?

Iím in No. Cal, zone 8. Some of the bees are active during the day, a few sometimes have a little bit of pollen when they return.

Thanks for any advice, sure appreciate it.