I had my first hive this last spring. I thought I was doing well all the way until October. Lets just say that I learned a lot about what not to do.

Now - 2 weeks ago, my hive was still alive and seemed to possibly be going to make it. Then we had 8 degree weather this last week and when I checked them today (68 degree weather) I found them all dead. They were clustered on the middle frames and look to have starved. I have learned that I should have moved the honey stores from the box just above them down to the deep.

My question is this: Can I use the comb that they left behind for my hive that I am getting this spring? There are dead bees (head first) in a couple frames. Pollen in quite a few frames - some that is turning moldy. And other frames that are clean and nice looking.

I dont see any damage from wax moths and no other disease issues.

What can I salvage? And how should I prepare them/store them for the new hive?

Thanks much!