Weather was 75 degrees today and bees were flying like crazy...fed four gallons of syrup to 7 hives in community feeders. One hive was dead. they still had plenty of stores, the cluster was just to small to stay warm last week.

I found one hive that is down to about 2 full frames, but they still have plenty of stores. Two other hives are booming and I mean literally, the hives still have a lot of weight to them and they are full of bees. the whole top HB is full ( I did not look at the bottom).

The hive with the two frames was right beside of a hive that has a ton of bees. There were enough foragers coming out and trying to get back in that the entrance was packed...So I slid the strong hive over about 6 inches and moved the weaker hive over until it was touching the strong hive...The foragers seemed to split the hives about 50/50. So I figured that the weaker hive will now have a lot of bees added for warmth. It is supposed to get back into the high 20's at night later on this week.

Anyway, it is supposed to be warmer on wednesday, but I wont be here to keep the feeders full. I have about 2 1/2 gallons out now and it will just have to do.

It was amazing watching the bees clean up the dead hive and empty the feeders. I have been needing a bee fix and I got a good one today!