The plan this summer, is to add a top entrance for our hives. I've read a few simple ways, ie, move back a super as an example. Problem with that, we get a lot of rain in our part of the world, and, I'm not keen on leaving that crack exposed to collect rain. We've got telescoping covers on the hives, so, cracking the lid up a bit doesn't seem like the right answer either, it'll still be under the overhang of the telescoping cover. A shim between the supers will create a larger than wanted gap between frames.

Is there any reason to look at anything more complicated than simply drilling a hole in the super for a top entrance ? And if we just drill a hole, is there any reason to make it any specific size, ie, is an inch to big, half inch to small ?

Ok, now I'm ready for a hundred different answers.

Plan right now, just drill a 3/4 inch hole in each super before they go on. I'm really wondering if there is any specific reason this is a bad idea ?