I asked this question a while back and the New Posts were cleared before I got much of an answer. One of my hives is coming up a little light. Thinking this is going to be another strange Spring and Winter not coming to an end for a while, I decided to try using candy to tide the girls over. Since this was my first attempt at making it, I am not sure what the final product should be like. My first attempt came out like a soft Gummy Bear. After a day or two, it dried to a crumbly mix. I think this was due to not getting the mix hot enough. Yesterday I made a batch and took the temperature to almost 260 degrees. The result was a hard block. This was a lot easier to deal with and I laid it directly on top of the frames. Now I'm wondering if it is too hard for them to deal with. I made an extra block and set it out for general feeding and the bees just covered it. So...should the candy be hard or crumbly or what?