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    Default Re: Really American Bee Journal?????????????????????

    Quote Originally Posted by Roland View Post
    Marc, you have some good ideas, but since much of the knowledge of commercial people is proprietary, and their livelihood depends on them keeping it that way, don't expect to have them "spill the beans". It would be less than intelligent to do so, so anyone that does spill the beans might not have the most intelligent ideas.
    Hey Roland, I don't want to know their proprietary knowledge, I understand that they depend on keeping certain things under wraps, no issue with that. But for a hobbyist like myself I thought it might be interesting to write an article about some of the bigger guys, how many hives they manage, what got them to make the jump from a few hives to full-time, things they struggle with, what it takes to run an operation like that, you know? Stuff that would be entertaining to read, and maybe make me want to or deter me from pursuing more hives... lol

    I don't know, I don't want to come across as bashing the journal, it does provide good info, and like Jim said, I am always excited to find it in my mailbox, I just wish they would keep their finger a little more on the pulse. I realize they are two very different mediums, but when I want to learn about something or have a question I come here to the bee forum, not so much to the magazine.

    I have this habit of taking out articles and saving them because they had a really good idea, or addressed a challenge I also faced, or simply because it was well written and thought provoking. Well, the last article I clipped and saved was from June 2011, everything after that was... ok, not bad, but not that exciting or new either. Last night when I read through the forum I thought it would be fairly quick and easy to get some good ideas just by looking at the threads that cover several pages. Here you have a good measure of what gets beekeepers passionate...

    Anyways, enough said, probably. I'll go back now and re-read some of the articles I
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