It was 60 degrees today so I decided to pop the top on my hives and see what was going on. 2 of my hives looked like the pic below; each hive having only 2 adjacent frames that looked like this. There were no other brood nor bees. There were frames of pollen and capped/open nectar. The hives were double deeps with dry sugar on top (mountain camp method) and the only bees seen were found clustered in the bottom deep. The temps have been warm enough that they've been able to fly every few days or so and the coldest it's gotten was around 20 one night. Judging from the pic below, would you think they starved, froze, or something else?

I also found 2 hives that had no bees, brood, nectar or pollen at all....just empty hives with a dozen or so dead on the bottom.

I've got 4 hives left that seem to have plenty of bees flying as well as visibly working the dry sugar on top of each of their hives. I didn't want to disturb them any more so I didn't open them up any further than that.

With another couple of warm days ahead of me, what can I do to help out my remaining 4 hives? Thanks.