Yes I have done a lot of searches and will continue to do so but would appreciate some sage advice.
I will be starting 2 10 frame med. only hives on 6 April when I pick up my package bees from BeeWeaver. My issue is I have no built out med. frames to use as guides, but do have some empty plasticell in wood frames I can use checkerboard fashion. Basically do you think checker boarding with empty frames (plasticell) is optimal or just put in all foundationless frames? I will be using the Walter Kelley frames and have had good luck with them in my deep hives. The only issue I have had in my deeps was that the foundationless were built out first, but the comb was super wide in areas all the way to the surface of the next frame that had an empty (non built out) plasticell frame.
I am starting my second season and really looking forward to getting a harvest this year! Thank you for your time and support.