Hello all,

One of my employees was sorting through her grandmother's garage this weekend and found a copy of:

A Practical Treatise On The Hive And Honey-Bee by L. L. Langstroth With An Introduction By Rev Robert Baird, D. D.

This is a third Edition, and is showing some age as well as some water damage on the cover. The front and back cover is an amazing red embossed print with a honeybee in an oval with plantwork detail around the edges, the spine says Langstroth on the Honey-Bee with a skep and bees flying. I can find no missing or torn pages inside the book, although the binding is getting a little loose from pages 147-166. The inside cover and blank page both front and back seem to have been drawn on in pencil by a child at some point, otherwise the book is in good shape given the age. I understand that something is only worth what someone will pay for it and she doesn't want to sell it (unfortunate for me!), but she would like to know the value at the very least for her knowledge (and hopefully to keep it out of a box in the garage again!).

Thankfully I get to borrow it and read it myself

Thank you for any help and guidance I can pass along!