I am trying to develop a systematic approach for each month throughout the year. I work full time but I work a different schedule that allows me to have a lot of time during the day. This year my goal is to go in to winter with 15-18 hives. I have 5 hives right now that look good to come out of winter even with some hooligans shooting them early in winter. For those commercial beekeepers with around 100-200 hives what would you do different earlier on? Like palleting, and other equipment. Also when did you go from hobby to business? This is a topic my wife and I have been having with tax season here. I currently run 10 frame deeps and I have a few medium supers. Stick to deeps exclusively or buy some mediums for honey supers? My goal is to be around 100-200 throughout my working years then when I retire to bump it up. One thing I have learned is that mistakes cost money in beekeeping. My motive is to gather ideas of management styles from different people.