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    Default Labels for lip balm

    Where is a good place to buy labels for lip balm tubes or what is the best to buy and print yourself? Trying to get some ideas.

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    Default Re: Labels for lip balm

    My daughter buys from and prints her own.
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    Default Re: Labels for lip balm

    Betterbee carries lip balm labels.

    These can be custom printed as well for an extra $8.50. The printing is well done, the folks in the office that do this take their time and do a good job.

    There are also shrink wrap tubes available to cover the tube and label:

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    Default Re: Labels for lip balm

    I use a printer I found online called Lightning Labels in Colorado. They have a lip balm label with a perforated tab that goes on the cap that tears when opened. What I like about them is that because they are an all digital printing outfit, there is only a $5 additional charge for each new design as long as it's on labels of the same size and material. That way you can print labels for different weights/flavors and they all count towards one larger quantity for a cheaper unit cost and you don't get hit with a separate expensive setup fee for each design.


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