I'm planning my final spring purchases.

Enjoyed the vine question, Silver Lace Vine - Polygonum aubertii looks interesting, if a little aggressive. What I really want is another old fashioned passionflower, I lost mine when I moved 12 years ago, and I do miss it very much. (so do the caterpillars)

Will bees work Gladiolus and other bulb flowers? Not that they are efficient, but with another wedding in the works this May a few extra flowers aren't going to go to waste. Carolina Phlox?

I was considering buying the 2 lots behind me and planting alfalfa, but learned it was a 2 year crop before it blooms, and I would need to cross plant maybe with buckwheat? (although my crimson clover seed was inspiring.) But then I would have to talk the city into letting me grow it 4 ft tall to do any good. Not that the current owner mowed it even once last year.

About to scatter white dutch clover seed on all my lawn areas, as we have rain due on tuesday.

And I would like a clematis but only if I can get it to do well.

Between the bees and switching a pond over for tilapia with a filter of greens (lettuce, chard, etc) and maybe something for bee forage.

Spring ideas are just flying through, needed to write them down somewhere.