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    Default What to do with extra super now on hive?

    Hi - beautiful spring day here in NorCal - high 60's and the bees are getting busy! I have two hives that consist of double deeps plus one honey super and I'm wondering what to do about the super going into spring. Normally around here people winter in just double deeps, but my hives didn't have a lot of stores going into winter so I left on a partially full super. Both clusters appear to be in the top of the upper deep, with about 4 frames of bees in each now. Not a lot in either bottom deep.

    My fear is that as the hives start to expand the queen will start laying in the super. I could 1) pull the super, 2) add a QE to keep her out, or 3) do nothing. Any guidance?

    I'm also curious about whether to reverse the deeps once things get going. I know there are some other posts about that so will dig around.


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    Default Re: What to do with extra super now on hive?

    I would do nothing. If they need the stores there, let them have it. If she does lay in the super, you can run her down when the flow starts, then place the excluder. The brood will emerge and the bees will then fill the super with honey.

    If they are in the second deep, then the first deep is likely empty, just drawn empty comb. If you have good weather, you could go ahead and reverse. That will then allow the brood nest to move up into the empty 2d chamber as they need it and as the flow starts,
    By that time the honey super should have some nectar in it, and it will work as an excluder for you.


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