Last year I bought 15 queens from a queen breeder. When the queens came they looked fine. We got them mid May. They were introduced into 10 production hives and 5 nucs. The queens were released by the workers eating the candy plug. Two were killed upon release. Three or four were superceded within two weeks. The queens that started laying were laying brood patches that looked like winter brood patches. None of the queens were laying patches that would support the hive population. It took the ones not superceded 6 weeks to lay a respectable patch of brood. Except for 3 all had been superceded by July 1. These queens were replaced by our own queens, and they have done well, except for two that were superceded.
Lets discuss commercial queen survival. I would like to know how the rest of you have faired with your boughten queens. I have been told that what I experienced is not too far off normal, but I have also talked to beekeepers that have had nearly 100% survival.