well its getting that time of year again the almond bees are movin in. ran down to bakersfield today saw a few holding yards along the way got me to thinking how many are going to go home right after almonds an how many are going to stay load up on the real california gold { orange honey} then head home with the loot in they're saddle bags {sorry ben watching westerns tonight}
now before you get upset let me explain my thought 4-5 years ago we averaged 70-100lbs per hive depending on location 2-3years ago 40-60 lbs, last year 20-30 lbs these are not my numbers but from a few commercial guys in the area 1000 hive outfit to 15000 same out come . now we have had strange weather, to wet, to dry,to hot at the wrong time . but we also have had extreme pressure from out of state beekeepers this makes wonder which is the real problem .
five years ago only 1 load of bees 1/2 mile from my home yard last year 6 differant beekeepers with in that 1/2 mile radius only 1 local beekeeper every one else 3hrs away to 2000 miles . i know other states have restrictions on locations maybe we need something to protech our local commercial guys . what if we just dropped our bees next door to them . [ yes i did have a out of towner ask my neighbor to drop load right next door to me ] and yes my place is a beekeepers home boxes truck forklifts out in open peaple know what i do that is not in the industry. i know another beekeeper could spot me if he cared .
so the question is do we have a problem or do we not? how do other states handle the out of towners ? now im not talking about the guys that buy into local economy buy land/houses , pay local taxes im asking about the guys that dump there load supper up an leave come back grab the gold an run with no skin in the game. id like to here what you have to deal with and how?