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    I'll double down on what Cleo Hogan said about selling the boxes. Customers want finger joints or better, and they want professional-looking "smile handles", made with a custom cutting head instead of those long, parabolic smiles cut with a Skilsaw. The overwhelming majority here on Beesource use Titebond III and air nails or staples. Use the new "staggered finger" pattern on the first finger of the short end as seen in the Brushy Mountain catalogue. That's what people will pay for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmgi View Post
    Cleo, I really like that! Shouldn't be too hard making the jig. Do you use any particular type of blade for the circular saw other than a sharp one? Thanks, John.
    I use a 20 tooth, insert type blade. A kerf blade, or a flimsy blade does not work as well. The video was made using a kerf blade, and if you listen closely in the video you can hear it flexing on the 3d and 4th cut. I had never noticed it. The reason I changed is, it started burning the wood rather than cutting it, so, I replaced it with an insert type blade and it is much better.



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