After waiting inpatience like a child to the Ultra Breeze suit
i ordered, it finally arrived and i used it yesterday for
the first time.

From my first impression and first use i just have
warm words to say about the suite - easy to wear,
great eye sight through the veil, excelent zippers, great ventilation
to all the body (wonderfull in my desert climate).

I will be happy to know from beekeepers that are familiar with this suit:
First, if the external fabric net is not too gentle and could be torn
easily with normal beekeeping work like lifting and attaching supers
to the suite, putting the hive tool in his pocket, seating on the ground
to take off the suit, etc...?

Second, Does bees can sting through the little suit squars - pressing their stings to the external net through the inner net ?. It seems that when a bee will press the sting through the nets, they will have thiner layer then regular bee suit fabric and no problem to penetrate.

I am asking these question because i became allergic to bee venom,
doing desensitization treatments now for 3 month allready
and want to be sure as much as i can if this suite really
protect me better then others.

Thanks alot,