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    Default Ultra Breeze suit question

    After waiting inpatience like a child to the Ultra Breeze suit
    i ordered, it finally arrived and i used it yesterday for
    the first time.

    From my first impression and first use i just have
    warm words to say about the suite - easy to wear,
    great eye sight through the veil, excelent zippers, great ventilation
    to all the body (wonderfull in my desert climate).

    I will be happy to know from beekeepers that are familiar with this suit:
    First, if the external fabric net is not too gentle and could be torn
    easily with normal beekeeping work like lifting and attaching supers
    to the suite, putting the hive tool in his pocket, seating on the ground
    to take off the suit, etc...?

    Second, Does bees can sting through the little suit squars - pressing their stings to the external net through the inner net ?. It seems that when a bee will press the sting through the nets, they will have thiner layer then regular bee suit fabric and no problem to penetrate.

    I am asking these question because i became allergic to bee venom,
    doing desensitization treatments now for 3 month allready
    and want to be sure as much as i can if this suite really
    protect me better then others.

    Thanks alot,

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    Default Re: Ultra Breeze suit question

    I have had my suit for over a year now and the fabric is holding up well. The only time I have been stung through the suit was when I was holding a super up against my stomach and squeezed a bee in between the box and my stomach. I haven't had any just sting through the suit.

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    Default Re: Ultra Breeze suit question

    I had mine in use for a full year now. Heavy use. I did not get stung through it yet. Had to work some aggressive hives, but stinging through the suit did not happen yet. They do try, but so far, on their own have not succeeded.

    I was concerned initially that they might be able to sting through the suit little squares, but so far that did not happen. I guess the holes in each layer have not lined up to the point where the stinger would find the hole and go through.

    Sometimes, when lifting boxes, some bees get between the suit and the box, get pressed/squeezed and they are attempting to sting...but so far they have not reached the skin. I always had a t-shirt or a regular shirt under the suit. Never tried it on skin only.
    Also, I used it heavily while getting up in trees and bushes retrieving swarms...It did get snagged many times, but the material has held very well.
    So far I washed it about 10 times and it still holds very well. If anything, I use some of that graphite lubricant on the zippers, and they sure work much better.

    I do find stingers attached to the suit no doubt, but so far I've been lucky.
    Now, every now and then, when I get in a rush, I forget to zip up the hood...sure enough, I would be in the middle of an inspection and a few bees would get on my face. That way, yes, I did get stung, but that was my fault.

    Overall, I am very pleased. Good luck with yours!

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    Default Re: Ultra Breeze suit question

    The only time I got stung in my ultrabreeze was when I was looking up at an angry feral hive and the front screen was against my chin--a bee found the spot and stung before I could move it off my chin. Ouch.

    Ditto on the bee getting in because I was not properly zipped. That one did not sting me, I had to squish her.

    Be careful when lighting smoker. I read from another member that the sleeve melted a bit when it got to close to the flame. I learned from his mistake.

    Other than that I love my ultrabreeze. I stay much calmer and so do the bees. One of my best investsments other than the bees. Thanks Charlie.
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    Default Re: Ultra Breeze suit question

    Yes you can get stung through the suit. However the bee must be pushed up against you in some way that compresses the suit. I have been stung when a bee got squeezed in the crook of my elbow. The fabric also melts easily so be careful lighting your smoker if you are suited up. That said I have had mine for 2 years and love it. I will buy another when I need to replace this one.
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    Default Re: Ultra Breeze suit question

    I don't have the suit, but am very anxious to get one as I've heard that they are more bee proof than the regular suits. I've been stung 7 times through the regular suit (I don't wear a shirt under it because I get so hot). I've had them in my arm pit and put my arm down and got stung, I've had them on my chest and leaned against a box and they got me, stuff like that. I can't wait to get this one and try it though. Once I get my Non-Profit up and running I'll be able to get stuff like this.
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    Default Re: Ultra Breeze suit question

    Good stuff people. I have been reading several threads on the subject and decided on buying one from Pigeon Mountain Trading Company. I can't wait to try it out. I live in the tropics and work with Africanized bees and want every tool available to keep me from getting stung. It's my understanding that the reason these ventilated suits are sting-proof is because the layers add up to about 1/4 inch and the stinger just doesn't reach the skin.

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    Default Re: Ultra Breeze suit question

    I got mine fro PM. First one was not too great and the elastic detached. They promptly replaced it with a new one. A much nicer and higher quality suit. I have only been stung once but it was because the bee was on the neck zipper and I had ungloved to unzipp. I've been down the allergy road and there are no guarantees. If you fool with bees, you will get stung. I got stung one time after I had cleared myself etc. went into the house, sat down on my chair and was stung in the butt. LOL Just be prepared on whatever level you need to, to be safe and enjoy beekeeping.

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    Default Re: Ultra Breeze suit question

    Most of my sting have beEn my fault. I have been doing a half dozen cut outs a year. This will bee my this will be third year with it. Yes I am hard on it. The only thing that I hate is if I throw it over the back seat of the truck after some time it smells worst than a gym locker


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