I'm working on patterns for the legs that Warre mentioned that were two different heights, (100mm)4" and (150mm)6", and made out of cast iron.

There are pictures and sketches in his book, but not very good detail.

I think if I cast them in aluminum they could be strong enough with a thicker cross section.

I'm leaning towards 1/4" holes for carriage bolts, rather than champhered holes for large wood screws.

But the real question is should I shape them to have a lip so the outside corner of the hive bottom board fits up against it, making it easier to line it up to drill holes in the wood, perhaps be a little more stable and look something like the legs on some Queen Anne furniture?

Or no lip and move the leg that little distance back further under the hive so the bottom board completely covers the verticle part of the leg? That would narrow the overall stance at least 1/2" maybe as much as 3/4" each direction.

Thankyou for any comments or suggestions.

P.S. I haven't settled on the final height either.

Spring is coming fast.