Temps were 60's and sunny, bees were flying and bringing in pollen and nectar, great day in the bee yard!! I removed the SBB and put the double deeps on two hive pallets I made that have solid bottom boards. I also used my Heilyser vaporizer for the first time and it was easy to say the least!! Will do a couple more treatments a week apart and will also pull a hive and look at the bottom board probably Sunday and see what kind of mite drop I got!

After the treatment I decided to mess around since I had an hour to kill before going to a funeral so I started grabbing bees with my fingers for practice on grabbing queens, and it is safe to say I didn't harm a bee or get stung although they were trying like heck!!

Now, for the questions!

I left the vaporizer burning for one minute, got a clean burn off, and pulled the vaporizer out and sealed back up for 10 minutes each hive. I also noticed upon peering in through the entrance that there were OA "icicles" hanging from one frame bottom that was directly over the OA vaporizer, is this normal??