I am brand spanking new to bee keeping. I bought two used hives and supers and clothing and a smoker for next to nothing from a guy who is aging out. He has another hive with 5 supers staked on them full of bees that he is going to give me. I just have to move them. They swarmed from another hive that died. They swarmed into this hive that was in storage and was not being used. They did it by getting into one of the supers that was stacked up and had a small crack in it. They have been there since the spring. How do I move them and how far do i have to move them. I plan to keep my bees is about 1/2 mile away from him. I have heard if you don’t move them far enough they will just go back to where the old hive was. Is ½ mile far enough and how do I move them since they are in a stack of old hives and supers with no foundation n the frames? Should I be feeding them or should they be fine since they have been there since the spring?