Hello All,

I am a total newbee waiting to get my first 2 hives in the spring. While waiting, I have been busy building the necessary equipment to house the new hives. Now that the boxes and bottom boards are built, it is time to focus on building the feeders.

In looking at the feeders that are available from the different suppliers, I notice that there is a potential problem with bees drowning in the sugar syrup. Plus, leaking syrup has been another issue. Because of those issues, why couldn't I feed the bees sugar blocks year round instead of just in the winter? There won't be drowning or leaking issues, obviously. I realize that because the block needs to be dissolved by the bees in order to be ingested, water would be an important resource next to the hives which is in my plan. Building a candy board would be alot easier than a syrup feeder.

Has anyone done this? Am I missing something because this seems to be a no-brainer? I've never made a sugar block but have watched a few videos and it doesn't look too bad.

I welcome your advice!

Thanks in advance!