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    squarepeg wrote:
    "john, if i wanted to compare fertile to infertile mites in my colonies, and wanted to compare that measure with yours and others, how would i do it?"
    apis maximus wrote:
    "As a protocol, I tried to follow the one described by Rinderer and Kulincevic."

    Just to reiterate the information:

    (Contains info on testing from earlier in this thread).

    When we received our SARE grant, we intended to compare the Freeze Killed Brood Assay
    John and others use with the Alcohol Wash Assay, in the context of selection for varroa resistance.
    The way the research worked out we did not have enough resources to compare the two tests but we did
    show the value of the alcohol wash assay in a mite resistant breeding program and we demonstrate
    our take on how to perform it (there a a few ways to do it around the world). We have used this assay for many years and it
    has helped us to breed for productive bees while remaining treatment-free.

    Link to that research:

    Adam Finkelstein
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