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    I've utilized both VSH and Hygienic Italian breeders from Glenn for the past three years. (The last two years the hygienics were specifically Pol Line Hygienic Italians) I keep bees with no treatments. I've had great luck with both. I do share most peoples fondness of the Pol Lines. Top notch bee. I've had a lot of VSH F1's do very well also. Last I checked the II'd breeders for the past two years are still heading colonies with no treatments. I do not have issues with shotgun brood patterns. It was my understanding that was selected out of the breeding population. I keep seeing more and more pronounced VSH expression in my bees. I toy with a great deal of feral stock as well. I've caught feral swarms that express uncapping behavior to a great degree and keep low mite levels. Natural selection from varroa pressure? There are no other Beekeepers around using this stock unless they obtained it from me. I'm not touting these traits as the "silver bullet" but I feel they have improved my stock overall in regards to survivability.(absence of brood diseases, and overall lowering of mite levels) I look forward to adding other traits for varroa resistance to these I've already implemented as well.
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