Hello all from Southern Illinois, USA!
I had bees several years ago, bought my first package and kit from Sears. That should date me a bit. Eventually wife and I moved to town and had to give up the bees.
Now we have moved back out to the country and of course I had to get some more bees!
I used to be on here, but that was years ago. Things have changed quite a bit, and my old account was gone, so I re-joined a couple years ago and have been lurking in the shadows. This winter weather just keeps getting colder, and my cabin fever keeps getting worse, so I thought I would say "Hi" again.
In spring of 2011, I bought a couple of nice nucs from a (sort of) local fellow who has a great reputation and great bees. They settled down just fine in their new hives and soon each had 2 deeps full of bees. Then last spring I had surgery and that laid me low for quite a while. That kept me from working the bees the rest of last year.
I had given both hives a few frames with starter strips instead of full foundation, and never got to check on them. Now I don't really remember how many of these went into which hives (yes I know, I should keep records), so am a little apprehensive about what I'll find when I open them up. I'm fully recuperated and ready to go, but there's really not much I can do until spring. Which is very frustrating.
Both hives seemed to be quite strong last fall, though that was just from observation, I didn't open them up. I have been watching them this winter, and whenever the weather warms up enough I always see activity. Putting my ear up to each hive I can hear that nice deep BUZZZ even without knocking on it, so I know "thar be bees" there.
I would like to split both hives this year, assuming that they are strong enough.
So that's where I am.