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    Question Time to Order

    I am expanding a bit in 2013 and it is time to order my equipment.

    I am thinking seriously of going to 8 frame mediums for all my hive bodies.

    Before I commit myself, has anyone got any comments, cautions or criticisms of that plan?

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    Lots of people have opinions both ways. In fact there was just a thread about it. This may help you.

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    I first would wonder why you are changing your set up. Is what you're using not working? Are you moving your hives alot and need lighter equiment?
    All I can think about for bees in mediums in cold weather regions is all that extra space taken up by frame bottoms, bee space and the frame tops in the super below that would be comb and stored honey as well as brood rasing cells in a deep frame. With no comb and food in that space a winter cluster unable to move to new stores due to cold is losing out on food that in a deep would be in the cluster and might be what get's that cluster through another week to warm weather and the ability to move to new stores. Then I look at an extra division in brood rearing by that same cluster and I have to ask myself with beekeeping as difficult as it is why would I add yet one more obstacle. Also one of the worst enemies for the winter cluster is wind so why would we add another wind entrance between shorter brood boxes. I'm sure many manage mediums just fine, especially in warmer climes but I can't reccommend it.

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    One draw back to all mediums is all the extra frames and boxes you have to have for each hive. Plus if you already have standard size boxes it can be aggravating when working the hives to make sure you have the right size box. If you are switching to mediums it maybe easier to switch to 10frame mediums. Or switch everything to 8frame. I would go one way or the other and stick to it.


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