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    Default question about open and capped honey cells

    We are having great weather here and I know that ornamental citrus trees are in bloom and bees collecting. I donít know how many citrus trees are in my neighborhood or out where my country bees are located. There is an orange tree orchard also near my country hives though I donít think they are in bloom.

    My question is, not knowing how strong a nectar flow might be going on right now, are the open cells with nectar that I see in my hives stores that they have opened, or would this be new nectar? Iím finding solid areas of open honey cells along with left over capped honey.

    How do I know if they are uncapping their stores or if itís new nectar?
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    Default Re: question about open and capped honey cells

    if the bees are active, and actively working flowers, my guess is that they are bring in nectar.
    chewed cappings look different than freshly formed cappings
    chewed cappings are ragged and torn where as freshly formed cappings start from the out edges of the cell and work around until the cell is covered. neat edges moist and full looking
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    Default Re: question about open and capped honey cells

    In early spring when I begin to see specks of new wax being built I know they are collecting nectar. If on foundation, they will begin to draw it out. If fully drawn comb there will be specks of new white wax usually along the top bars. It seems the first nectar gets them into the building mode.

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    Default Re: question about open and capped honey cells

    Taste it, is it citrus?


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