After looking at my bees last weekend, I've got one Colony that's a 2 deep hive bodies unit. This colony is full in both hive bodies with the queen laying top and bottom. While I know that I could watch this colony closely and prevent swarming until after the end of the surplus honey flow here(July 1st) I'd prefer to split it by March 1st so as to have 2 colonies producing a surplus honey crop. With that said I started calling around today looking for a VSH Queen with everyone telling me May or June earliest available. I can appreciate all those that were intelligent enough to order early with the proper foresight.
In all of my 1st 10 years of beekeeping not once did I have a colony this strong this early in the year, and with the fact that 1 of my New Years resolution's was to renew my beekeeping hobby the need for a queen ASAP was not remotely on the radar.

With all that said does anybody have a lead on the early delivery (March 1st) of a VSH queen?

If this is a fantasy for me, chalk it up to a part of my updated honeybee education. Lol