I am not sure how some of what is being asked is relevant. How do beekeepers bees end up in CA with a broker or another beekeeper watching them, or in ND for for the honey flow, or TX, or FL for the winter. I get the feeling some of you feel I am lying about this so I will elaborate a little. My name is Clinton Caffrey, I live in snowflake Arizona. In 2001 I purchases 100 packages out of CA. I ended up loosing all 100 do to what we think was loco weed poisoning(all pesticide and disease testing was negative). In order to hopefully build faster and on one last chance I decided to buy nucs from russell apiaries and Robert was nice enough to offer to put them on some of his fathers old honey yards that were not being used. I drove out in april and installed the nucs in my equipment near learned MS. There were some spits made through out the summer and some hives moved. I then received the email last week that the theft had occurred. I have not posted any other details as I think that is between me and the sheriffs office, and is not relavent for people many states away.