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Yellow paint, dude. That may or may not be a clue. One must be observent (spelling) when keeping of the bee
Whoa their cowgirl. Put down the gun and the rope. You called it a virgin and I ask you if it is really is one. Didn't look like one to me so I asked. Henceforth you go and edit your post putting in a date and more info. I bet if you ask any of the breeders that handle thousands of queens a year not one would guess that that is a virgin. Not one. Surely not myself. If it was you do a heck of a job raising queens and need to get of that high horse more often and start raising them for sale. Could buy a lot of feed for the price of a virgin that fine. Nice queen indeed.

Secondly the color scheme is not a federal mandate punishable by five years in jail. We happen to use the yellow every year. Two reasons...... The yellow is the easiest to pick out among the five colors. The contrast..........specially when you put a blue dot on a dark queen with dark bees its just about worthless. The queens rarely last beyond 2 years (occasionally 3) any longer so the color sequence is less important than it used to be. Do you really mark them before their mating flights?

Hive tool now back in holster.