First year beek with one hive here, and I'm trying to go treatment free (had a moment of weakness in the fall...). I'm re-queening my hive this spring with a queen from a treatment free operation in the hopes that I can get some better hygenic behavior in my hives. However, I've been thinking over the past few weeks that re-queening my only be a temporary solution. After all, at some point, the hive will supercede her (or swarm, or...) and I'll be left with a virgin queen. Given that I have just one hive and live in an urban area, the new queen will likely mate with drones from a non-hygenic hive, and I'll lose a bunch of the genetics I want, right?

So, the questions: Is this inevitable or is there any way around it? If things go well and I get off the "treatment treadmill", will I just be getting on the "queen replacement treadmill" instead?

Any thoughts/advice you can share would be most helpful,


P.S. Thanks to everyone in this forum for all the thoughtful and polite discussion of TF related ideas. It's been a GREAT read!