Whats eveybodys goals for this coming year?
I want 10 hives to make it throught winter all northen bees{mine }.
I have 12 right now.
Not to buy any bees my first year i wont have to buy bees thats a great feeling.
Come this spring have a better SPM in place with keeping the brood nest open and checker boarding and i might even flip some brood boxes and see what works best. Then right after the flow i'm going to fog for varroa and a brood break {make nucs for fall} plus drone frames in every other hive and SBB after JUNE 1st . Then i'm going to see witch is the best hive and make queens plus when i do the brood breaks witch ever ones are doing well i'll let them requeen on the own .Buy fall i want 15 strong hives and 15 nuc {3 deep} full of honey and bees. Plus i'm going to make queens all year long just to play with . I made 5 this past year and it was pretty easy. So those are my goals this beeing my 4th year i bet i hit my goals for this going year.