I have two hives. I fed them on a warm day last month (high 50s) using the mountain camp method, as I saw that one hive was very low on stores. I fed them both because I didn't want to put myself in the position of needing to open the other hive again in colder weather. Today was in the high 50s again and the bees were flying, so I pulled the top covers off and the bees hadn't used much of the sugar. They had used probably 3/4 cup per hive. Both hives looks good. My plan is to leave them alone for the rest of the winter, then remove the left over sugar. Does this sound right?

Might as well ask a further question. As soon as the temps are consistently in the mid 40s to low 50s, I plan to feed aggressively using the FatBeeMan bucket method in an effort to build my hives up so I can split each once before the flow starts. How does that sound?

Forgive my newbeeness, and thank you for any advice