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    Default Any Top Bar Hive Owners in the DC, MD, VA area?

    I recently moved to this area and I am looking for experienced keepers that would not mind me tagging along on days they check their hives and preform maintenance.

    I am willing to drive up to an hour each way so if you are in the general area please post something here.


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    Default Re: Any Top Bar Hive Owners in the DC, MD, VA area?

    If you haven't already, you may want to check out Association of Southern Maryland Beekeepers on line. Also, this is a local forum that has a Southern Maryland following and local resources that may be of interest.
    I have no experience with TBH.

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    Default Re: Any Top Bar Hive Owners in the DC, MD, VA area?

    I would suggest you try to connect with Wyatt Mangum, PHD. He literally wrote the book on Top Bar hives. He has been raising bees since the age of ten, is a researcher (of bees) and keeps over 200 top-bar hives. He lives in Virginia (southern VA I think). I just ordered his book today.

    His book description says:
    This book contains all you need for a completely sustainable Top-Bar Hive beekeeping system. The results rest on scientific principles and careful observations from managing 200 Top-Bar Hives with over 25 years experience. This is beekeeping with Integrated Pest Management practices (IPM), the bees rarely if ever needing chemical treatments.

    With 12 chapters and 421 pages, this full-sized (8 1/2″ by 11″) book gives you 362 color and 24 infrared (B&W) photos, a rich visual learning experience. This ultimate Top-Bar Hive book is full of innovative & creative beekeeping and rock-solid fundamentals,

    There is also a YouTube video you can watch where he describes the book in detail. I think the book was released in January 2013.


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