Hello! I guess I will post a little about myself.

I am originally from upstate NY, last year we packed up and moved into a rental outside of DC so my wife could start her new job of teaching English in the "High Needs" DC public school system. Unfortunately at that time we cold not keep bees or any sort of livestock.

But recently I purchased a little over two acres zoned for agricultural use less than 6 miles from DC, with the plans of starting a small farm for self sufficiency and general recreation.

At the moment I have two top bar hives built and awaiting bees, I am also starting a beginning bee keeping class this February. I have read multiple books on beekeeping cover to cover, but I decided to join the forums for the Top Bar section, since it seems under represented in the literature I have.

Other than that my interests include:

Hunting (Falconry, and Archery)
Cyber Security
Reading non-Fiction books